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How Often Should You Fertilize During the Seedling Stage?

How Often Should You Fertilize During the Seedling Stage?

How Often Should You Fertilize During the Seedling Stage?

Fertilizing seedlings appropriately is the key to growing healthy plants. When plants are young, it’s essential to give them the right fertilizer, in the right amount and at the right time. In this blog, we discuss the seedling fertilizer process.

How Often Should You Fertilize During the Seedling Stage?

It’s important not to fertilize seedlings too early. To ensure healthy growth, begin fertilizing your seedlings with a mild dose of fertilizer designed for young plants once they develop their first true leaves. The initial emergence of leaves, called ‘Cotyledons,’ contains the necessary nutrients for early development, which are provided by the seed embryo. Following this, a set of true leaves will emerge.
Once your seedlings have developed at least one set of true leaves, it is a sign they are ready for a higher level of nutrients. Take a moment to check your seedlings and confirm the presence of these true leaves. If they have emerged, you can proceed with increasing fertilization.

  • There are also some signs when you should adjust your growing conditions:
    If seedlings are droopy, they likely require water.
  • If the seedlings are tall and stretching, they need a stronger light source.
  • If the seedlings have dry or brown leaf tips, they may have been burned by light or early fertilizer application.
  • If the seedlings are falling on the soil, they may have been overwatered and could be experiencing mould issues.

How Do You Fertilize New Seedlings?

How you fertilize seedlings is a little different than how you would fertilize a mature plant. Here are the general steps to fertilize new seedings:

  1. Choose a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer designed for seedlings. Look for a complete and balanced formulation with calcium and magnesium, high NO3 vs. NH4 content, and low P.
  2. Dissolve the water-soluble fertilizer following the packaging instructions. Start with a low concentration, around 25-50 ppm N, at the sign of cotyledons and gradually increase up to 100-125 ppm N as plants mature.
  3. Gently water the seedlings, avoiding spraying the foliage.
  4. Monitor their response and adjust fertilizer concentration or frequency if needed.

How Often Should You Fertilize During the Seedling Stage?

How Often Should You Fertilize During the Seedling Stage?

Every situation is different. The condition of your seedlings is the first consideration before fertilizing. So, make sure you monitor your plants regularly.

During the seedling stage, it is generally recommended to fertilize your plants once every two weeks. This provides a consistent supply of nutrients to support the seedlings’ early growth and development.

However, it is important to follow the specific instructions provided by the water-soluble fertilizer manufacturer and adjust the fertilization schedule based on the plant’s specific needs and the type of fertilizer being used. Monitoring the condition of the seedlings and how they react to the fertilizer can help determine if adjustments in fertilization frequency or dosage are needed, along with other growing conditions.

What Is the Best Fertilizer During the Seedling Stage?

Choosing the best water-soluble fertilizer for seedlings is the key to successful growth. At Plant-Prod, we offer a number of fertilizers that are ideal for seedlings:

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