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Achieve higher productivity and cut fertilizer costs
You can buy cheaper fertilizers than Plant-Prod but in the longer run it will cost you more. If high productivity is vital for your business Plant-Prod and Plantex Solutions soluble fertilizers increase productivity and save you money. Find out why…
Green Circle Growers - Renato Zardo

FEATURED: Productive plant nutrition with Renato Zardo, Plant Health Manager at Green Circle
April 18, 2016
GrowerTalk selected Renato Zardo as the best young grower of 2015, calling him “focused and fearless.” Renato is Plant Health Manager for Green Circle, the large and successful Ohio-based grower with between 200 and 300 species under cultivation. Read more


Fertilize right for higher productivity
We have spent the last 70 years learning how to fertilize more efficiently to deliver healthier, better looking and bigger plants more quickly. Our technical sheets help you fertilize right…