Plant-Prod MJ and the A-B System

Are you used to a Part A-B system and unsure of how to implement the Plant-Prod MJ program? We promise the switch is easier than it looks.

Typical A-B systems separate calcium/magnesium containing formulations and phosphorus containing formulations. In the case of Plant-Prod MJ, consider Cal-Kick as your constant Part A, and the stage specific formulations, Boost, Grow, Bloom, and Finisher as your Part B.

Complete nutrient programs are broken into two parts due to product incompatibilities. Solubility of products and nutrient availability are affected when two incompatible products are combined and react to form insoluble compounds. An example of this would be diluting a product containing sulphur with a product containing calcium. These two products would react to form gypsum – insoluble calcium sulphate. Insoluble nutrient compounds won’t be available to your plants and will clog your lines and emitters.

Concentrations of these products in dilution will affect the chance and severity of these reactions which is why you may not see them in low concentration liquid feeds.

Each Plant-Prod MJ formulation contains a complete micronutrient package to ensure no micronutrient deficiencies. For more information on each formulation, visit our Plant-Prod MJ product page. Talk to your local Plant-Prod sales rep about how to best introduce the Plant-Prod MJ Program to your growing set up.