How Do You Check Your Fertilizer’s Quality?

The fertilizer you use is both an expensive and critical part of increasing your yield and ensuring maximum profitability. But how do you know if the fertilizer you’re using is of high quality? And consistently high quality to deliver the best results?

While you can test your fertilizer along with your water and soil, it’s also helpful to know some of the things to look for when comparing fertilizers. Here’s three:

  1. Track Record: Plant-Prod water-soluble fertilizers have been developed based on over 70 years of disciplined horticultural practice with formulations that have been refined to deliver the best quality fertilizer products, every single time.
  2. Purity: Plant-Prod fertilizers are made from the best raw materials available in the world, constantly tested for purity, with no fillers or additives.
  3. Solubility: Unlike many fertilizers, Plant-Prod fertilizers are turbo milled and blended to ensure 100% water solubility. That means no fillers or fertilizer left in the bottom of your tanks or clogging your irrigation lines, saving you the time and money to clean them out.

Impact on your bottom line: The purity and consistency of Plant-Prod 100% water soluble fertilizers mean you can lower your feed rate to make your fertilizer go further. The faster growth you’ll enjoy means you can ship earlier and more often.

Comparison between Plant-Prod fertilizer and other fertilizer”

As a further example, below we offer our certification of this dedication in a signed letter. Available for download for your records.

Plant-Prod is the world leader in water-soluble fertilizer & the partner for growers where high productivity is vital. You can buy cheaper fertilizers than Plant-Prod, but in the long run, it will cost you more. If high productivity is vital for your business, Plant-Prod Water soluble fertilizers should be your first choice. Learn how you can increase productivity and save money here. Have a question? Feel free to contact us directly at

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Plant-Prod manufactures water-soluble fertilizers for fruit trees, plants and flowers including cannabis. The choice of growers from California to Maine for over 70 years, Plant-Prod fertilizers are made from the finest raw ingredients in the world, tested constantly for purity and turbo-milled to ensure 100% solubility in order to help you improve yields while cutting fertilizer costs. Click here to find a Plant-Prod cannabis fertilizer supplier near you.

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