Plant-Prod 12-0-44 Finisher

Plant-Prod 12-0-44 provides excellent green-up in low temperature conditions. Apply in the fall for extra protection against drought and winter stress.

Plant-Prod 12-0-12 Pro Kick

Plant-Prod 12-0-12 is an ammoniacal nitrogen based fertilizer, containing a high level of sulphur and micronutrients ideal for new sand based greens during and after a grow in.

Plant-Prod 11-41-8 Forestry Starter

Plant-Prod 11-41-8 provides tree seedlings with the proper rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for good root development as well as twice the usual level of chelated iron.

Plant-Prod 10-52-10 Starter

Plant-Prod 10-52-10 is a fully soluble starter formulation that supplies the necessary high phosphorus levels for young plants to initiate rapid root development. A very safe fertilizer with a low salt index, contains no sulphates or harmful chlorides. Use when transplanting seedlings or bedding plants or whenever a high phosphorus fertilizer is required.

Plantex NutriTrace® CSM

Plantex NutriTrace® CSM (Chelated Secondary Micronutrient) Mix is a water soluble mix of secondary nutrients which can be used as a general preventative supplement or as a corrective where known deficiencies exist. NutriTrace CSM is an important component of a regular feeding program for crops grown in artificial and soilless media. NutriTrace CSM may also be used when needed for crops grown in soil.

Plant-Prod 8-20-30 Forestry Finisher

Plant-Prod 8-20-30 is recommended for hardening seedlings in the fall by supplying low nitrogen, moderate phosphorus and a high level of potash. The levels of phosphrous and potassium encourage root development and increase plant resistance to frost and drought. Over 65% of the nitrogen is available in the nitrate form which prevents soft growth under low light conditions.

Plant-Prod 7-11-27 HydroVeg

Plant-Prod 7-11-27 fertilizer with 3.75% magnesium is an extremely high quality water soluble fertilizer designed to be applied with calcium nitrate to produce a complete fertilizer for rockwool, nutrient film technique and other types of hydroponic culture.

Plant-Prod 6-11-31 Hydroponic

Plant-Prod 6-11-31 provides an excellent fertility program for greenhouse vegetable crops grown in Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), rockwool culture and other forms of hydroponic or soilless cultures. It must be used with calcium nitrate for a complete nutritional program.