Plant-Prod 18-9-27 Water Soluble Fertilizer

This formulation is created to provide all nutrients in one bag. Plant-Prod 18-9-27 water-soluble fertilizer contains 46% of its nitrogen in nitrate form and has a complete micro elements package including a higher level of iron. This formulation is ideal for greenhouse hydroponic and soilless culture. It contains a good balance of nutrients to provide growth of most ornamental plants and vegetables in convenience of all nutrients being in one package.


Plant-Prod Solutions 15-3-15 Performance Water Soluble Fertilizer

The all-in-one high nitrate water soluble fertilizer that delivers all macronutrients and micronutrients in the perfect balance to optimize growing performance, and with minimal influence on the pH of growing media.

For a complete, advanced nutritional program that keeps plants darker and fuller, use Plant-Prod Solutions Performance. This carefully designed growth formulation contains high nitrates with no urea, an optimal level of phosphorus with less environmental impacts, and a highly available micronutrient package designed to supply complete nutrition, all in a patented easy to use duo bag.


Plant-Prod Solutions 19-8-13 Total Plus Water Soluble Fertilizer

The All-In-One Nutritional Program PLUS pH Control.

Total Plus has the added benefit of a higher potential acidity than other all-in-one products and the Plant-Prod Solutions water soluble fertilizer enhanced micronutrient package – 3 chelating agents and fortified levels of Iron, Manganese and Zinc.

For a complete, advanced nutritional program, use Plant-Prod Solutions Total Plus water soluble fertilizer. This balanced growth formulation achieves high nitrates with no urea content. Patented Duo Bag – two bags in one, there are 2 compartments within each 15 kg bag. The entire contents of both of the compartments should used all at once.


Plant-Prod Solutions 19-2-19 Fertility Plus Water Soluble Fertilizer

High Performance Water Soluble Fertilizer for Heavy Feeders

Do your heavy feeder plants need a high-performance fertilizer? Are your plants always hungry? Are you constantly adding micronutrients and magnesium?

You can feed your heavy feeder plants more of the same old, but that can lead to other problems, especially nutrient deficiencies. To satisfy the needs of your super feeders, use Plant-Prod Solutions Fertility Plus water soluble fertilizer. This urea-free, high-nitrate, balanced growth formulation with enhanced micronutrient availability and enhanced performance components is designed for modern heavy feeding, high performance plants.