Plant-Prod Solutions 18-6-24 pH Buffer

Manage Water pH, Grow with Rainwater

Do you use rainwater or water with very low bicarbonate levels as part of your plant growing regimen? Do you worry about the water solution pH in your growing media? Does your current solution have the necessary pH buffering capacity?

Growing with rainwater solves water supply issues, but can lead to new problems that cost you dearly. To buffer rain water pH, use Plant-Prod Solutions pH Buffer. This balanced growth formulation with enhanced micronutrient availability restores the pH buffer capacity of water sources such as rainwater preventing significant changes to media and water pH.

Plant-Prod Solutions 17-5-17 Fusion

Complete formula containing five macronutrients

Plant-Prod Solutions Fusion is designed to provide the nitrogen, phophorus, potassium, calcium and ma- gnesium in the same single tank. It eleminate the need to switch between different formulations for a complete fertilization program. It promotes balanced growth of plants and has little impact on soil pH.

Plant-Prod 17-5-17 has enhanced micronutrient availability designed to supply complete nutrition in a patented easy to use duo bag.

Plant-Prod Solutions 17-5-17 Complete

Complete is an all-in-one advanced nutritional program containing high levels of nitrate with no urea.

Micro Plus Enrichment ensures optimum availability over a wide pH range.

The All-In-One Nutritional Program, Calcium and Magnesium in One Tank

Do you long for the simplicity of an advanced, all-in-one nutritional program for your plants? Wouldn’t it be con- venient to create the right mix of calcium and magnesium automatically and in a single tank? Are you constantly switching formulas to get the perfect balance?
For a complete, advanced nutritional program, use Plant-Prod Solutions Complete. This balanced growth formula- tion achieves high nitrates with no urea content. It has enhanced micronutrient availability designed to supply complete nutrition in a patented easy to use dual bag with a minimal impact on the pH of growing media.

Plant-Prod Solutions 15-0-20 No-Stretch®

Maintains Compact and Sturdy Growth

No-Stretch raises the benchmark for quality to a new level. We designed this unique Plant-Prod Solutions formulation to be used towards the end of the crop cycle, after the more vegetative growth has been established. No-Stretch is a great performer for times when professional growers want to harden up plant structure and prevent leggy growth in general. The engineered composition in No-Stretch maintains compact, sturdy growth by limiting ammoniacal nitrogen, builds a firmer cell wall by increasing potassium levels, and keeps internodes short by eliminating phosphorus.

Plant-Prod Copper Sulphate

Used as a source of copper for plant nutrition solutions, or for application to soil. To supply 0.03 ppm Cu: 0.12g/1000L of nutrient solution. Soil application up to: 60 g/10 m² (2 oz./100 ft²).

Plant-Prod Chelated Micronutrient Mix

Plant-Prod Chelated Micronutrient Mix is a water soluble micronutrient mix which can be used as a supplement where deficiencies exist for crops grown in soil or in a regular feeding program for crops grown in artificial and soilless media.

Plant-Prod 6% Iron EDDHA Chelate

Plant-Prod 6% Iron EDDHA Chelate is a water soluble, dark red microgranular form of iron EDDHA to be used for the correction of iron deficiency in crops by means of soil application.

Plant-Prod 35-5-10 Lawn & Fairway

This Urea based formulation will provide 4 to 8 weeks of fertility. It is compatible with most turf herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Plant-Prod 35-5-10 is ideal for larger areas and fits well into your spray program.

Plant-Prod 30-8-8 WIN Tree

The Plant-Prod 30-8-8 WIN Tree constitutes a suspension when mixed with water. It can be applied, either by injection in the soil or at the base of trees and shrubs. It is recommended for spring and autumn fertilizations.