Plant-Prod 18-6-20 Poinsettia Plus

Plant-Prod 18-6-20 contains over 60% of the nitrogen in the nitrate form, a high level of magnesium, an increased level of molybdenum, a low boron level and chelated micronutrients.

Plant-Prod 15-30-15 High P

Plant-Prod 15-30-15 fertilizer is ideal for hydrangeas since the high phosphorus content ties up excess aluminum in the soil which causes a strong pink colouration in the blooms. Acid-loving plants such as african violets respond well to this formulation due to its high potential acidity. Use during the early stages of crop growth, when many greenhouse crops require extra phosphorus, particularly tomatoes and cucumbers grown in soil. 15-30-15 can be used to remedy phosphorus deficient soils.

Plant-Prod 15-15-30 High K

Plant-Prod 15-15-30 supplies twice as much potassium as nitrogen, while still maintaining the optimal levels of the other plant nutrients. Over 58% of the nitrogen is in the nitrate form. It has a very low potential acidity, exhibiting minimal acidifying tendencies in the soil. It is recommended when soil levels or tissue samples show low potassium levels or when plants are setting bud, as well as during maturation and blooming.

Plant-Prod 15-0-15 Cal Plus

Plant-Prod 15-0-15 is a completely water soluble prilled mixture of calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate and micronutrients.  With over 90% of the nitrogen in the nitrate form and no urea, Plant-Prod 15-0-15 is very effective under low light conditions.  With a relatively high potential basicity this formula can be used to raise media pH.  Prilled form improves product flowability.

Plant-Prod 14-0-14 Balance

Plant-Prod 14-0-14 is a water soluble prilled formulation useful whenever additional calcium and magnesium are required. commonly used in rotation with 20-8-20 but also excellent for plug production. Plant-Prod 14-0-14 contains a complete micronutrient package including high molybdenum and over 90% of the nitrogen is in the nitrate form.

Calcium to magnesium ratio is 2:1.

Plant-Prod 14% Zinc Chelate

Zinc plays an important role in the utilization of other plant nutrients. Deficiencies commonly occur in sandy soils, soils low in organic matter or where phosphates have been excessively applied. Plant-Prod 14% Zinc Chelate can be used to correct such deficiencies.

Plant-Prod 14% Copper Chelate

The availability of copper is influenced by pH, the amount of organic matter and the presence of other metallic ions such as iron or magnesium. Deficiencies can appear as chlorosis, wilting and dieback of stem and twigs. Plant-Prod 14% Copper Chelate can be used to correct such deficiencies.

Plant-Prod 13.2% Iron Chelate

Iron deficiency is a problem in several crops particularly in conditions of high pH. Plant-Prod 13.2% Iron Chelate is an efficient source of iron to correct iron deficiencies.

Plant-Prod 13% Manganese Chelate

Manganese deficiency results in reduced photosynthetic activity. Conditions of high pH, low organic matter or sandy soils will reduce the availability of manganese. Plant-Prod 13% Manganese Chelate can be used to correct such deficiencies.

Plant-Prod 12-2-14 Optimum

Plant-Prod 12-2-14 is designed for plug production and contains a complete micronutrient package including high molybdenum, magnesium nitrate, potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate.