If you missed out, here are our top water-soluble fertilizer tips & insights from 2022.

This year, Plant-Prod provided a lot of tips and advice. In this blog, we summarize the most popular articles, tips, and advice provided by our specialists in 2022 as judged by our readers:

Image of top water soluble fertilizer tips 2022Best 2022 plant / fruit tree grower’s tips

Do My Plants Need Calcium? How Much Calcium To Feed Your Plant:

Calcium is key to building the ‘bones’ of your plants. The problem is, that knowing how much calcium to feed your plant is not always clear. Luckily Plant-Prod has over 75+ years of experience formulating water-soluble fertilizers like Plant-Prod 15-0-15 Cal-Plus water-soluble fertilizer and Plant-Prod MJ™ Cal Kickwater soluble fertilizer. 

In this post, we’ll explain how much calcium you should be feeding your plant for the best results. Read more…

4 things to look for in picking the best fertilizer for fruit trees

Fruit trees need a boost from time to time to ensure they are getting the right nutrients. Water soluble fertilizers and chelated iron fertilizers and other micronutrients (manganese, copper, zinc etc.) can give fruit trees the boost they need. The type of fertilizer you need is dependent on many factors, most importantly, the type of plant you’re growing. Below, we’ll offer expert tips for selecting the right water-soluble fertilizer for fruit trees, how to apply fertilizer and answer common questions we get from our customers. Read more tips here…

Apple trees well fertilized

Best irrigation system tips

How To Properly Clean Your Irrigation System – And Avoid Future Clogs

When we talk about irrigation cleaning, we’re talking about more than simply running a disinfectant through your system. Identifying clogs and their sources can make a big difference in how they are treated and prevented. See how..

Adjusting Irrigation Water – Bicarbonates vs pH

When it comes to irrigation water and water quality, you’ve probably heard the terms pH, alkalinity and bicarbonates thrown around. In this article, we’ll break down these terms and explain which should be the focus when treating your irrigation water. Learn more…

Best cannabis grower’s tips

Using a Two-Part A&B Cannabis Nutrient System: Alternate vs Simulantenous Feedings

How do I feed incompatible products to my cannabis? Learn the types of two-part A&B cannabis nutrient systems and how to use them.. Learn more..

Why are my cannabis seedlings growing so slow?

Copy: We all want our cannabis seedlings to grow quickly and evolve into strong and healthy plants. To do this, you need to create the right environmental conditions for seedling growth. Below we talk about the reason why seedlings are growing slow, how long the germination takes and if you can speed up the germination process. See why…

Cannabis growing checking growth

Want to learn about how to visually read your cannabis plants for problems? Check out how to ‘Listen to your Plants’ by downloading our Cannabis Water-Soluble Fertilizer Growers Handbook and learn how to get 5X more buds with 80% less fertilizer.

For more fertilizer tips, check out these:  

 Plant-Prod is a manufacturer of 100% water-soluble cannabis fertilizers made from the highest technical-grade raw materials in the world. The purity and consistency of Plant-Prod MJ fertilizers means there are no fillers left in the bottom of your tank or clogging your lines saving you the time and money to clean them out. And you get bigger, denser buds and faster growth on a more consistent basis.

The choice of growers from California to Maine for over 70 years, we formulate everything from chelated iron, to calcium nitrate and zinc fertilizer in order to help you get bigger buds for your buck. Click here to find a Plant-Prod fertilizer supplier near you

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