Feeding Incompatible Products

In our post Plant-Prod MJ and the A-B System we discussed product incompatibilities and the need for a 2 tank system. In this post, we will describe how you have flexibility in the way you feed these two tanks with Plant-Prod MJ.

In our cannabis production guide, you will notice that there are 2 formulations listed in a single week. This means that nutrients from both formulations are required that week. It also means that since Plant-Prod MJ Cal Kick is formulated with a complete micronutrient package, you have the flexibility to feed one of two ways – alternate feeding or simultaneous feeding.

Alternate Feeding
This method of feeding is ideal for when tank space is limited or when an injector system is not present. It involves the alternation of formulations between feedings. Each feeding consists of one formulation at a full rate. Formulations are switched every 2nd or 3rd feeding. For instance, Week 5 would look like this:

Plant-Prod MJ Cal Kick is a unique formulation that allows for this type of feeding without the risk of micronutrient deficiencies. Programs that rely on calcium nitrate in Tank A do not have this option as the plants will be missing essential nutrients.

Simultaneous Feeding
This method of feeding is ideal when tank space is no issue or when an injector system is available for use. It involves a little more rate calculation and fine tuning but will provide a consistent feed of all required nutrients. Each feeding consists of 2 formulations being injected into one line, each at partial rates to form a full rate. For instance, Week 5 would look like this:

In both cases, rates will be dependent on what nutrients are already present in the water source. Visit our previous post on Reading Your Rates to learn how to adjust rates based on ppm values.