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Plant-Prod MJ is growing

Plant-Prod is pleased to announce a new addition to the Plant-Prod MJ product line, designed specifically for the cannabis industry – Plant-Prod MJ Spike (CaMg).

This new Spike (CaMg) fertilizer is made of exclusively chelated calcium (Ca) and chelated magnesium (Mg). Cannabis requires significant levels of Ca and Mg throughout the production cycle, especially during flowering and bud formation to ensure maximum yield.

The fact that this product is formulated with only chelates makes it truly unique. Chelated nutrients are far more accessible to plants and are immediately available to the roots. Most forms of Ca and Mg are either in sulfate, chloride or nitrate forms. Due to the high amount of Ca and Mg required, there is a greater chance of salt damage when using sulfate and chloride sources. In soilless media, many sulphate and chloride based nutrients are lost through leaching before they can become available to plants. When in the nitrate form, more nitrogen is provided to the system, compromising yield potential by confusing the cannabis plant. By adding excessive nitrogen at bud and flowering stages, plants will begin to grow vegetatively, shifting the plant’s focus from flowering to leaf and stem growth. Reducing overall yields.

Plant-Prod MJ Spike (CaMg) is formulated to give you the perfect ratio that cannabis plants need, 2 parts Ca to 1 part Mg, providing precise nutrition for maximum results.

Note that this product is not compatible with other Plant-Prod MJTM products. Please consult your Plant-Prod sales representative.

For full product information, see the Plant-Prod MJ Spike (CaMg) product page.

See how this formulation fits into our Plant-Prod MJ Production Program.



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