Plant-Prod Micronutrient Fertilizer Mix for Vegetables

Plant-Prod Micronutrient Fertilizer Mix for Vegetables is specifically formulated for vegetable crops to be used as a supplement or in a regular feeding program to supply a source of boron, molybdenum, chelated iron, chelated zinc, chelated copper and a partial source of magnesium. It does not contain manganese, making it suitable for use where manganese deficiency is not a problem.

Plant-Prod Copper Sulphate

Used as a source of copper for plant nutrition solutions, or for application to soil. To supply 0.03 ppm Cu: 0.12g/1000L of nutrient solution. Soil application up to: 60 g/10 m² (2 oz./100 ft²).


Plant-Prod 28-14-14 High N Water Soluble Fertilizer

Crops such as cut flowers, container nursery stock and field grown vegetables respond well to this formula. Plant Prod 28-14-14 water soluble fertilizer can be used for foliar feeding due to its very low salt index and high level of urea nitrogen. Use during periods of vegetative growth when plants have a high nitrogen requirement. Use to correct nitrogen deficiency where soil or tissue tests show low nitrogen.