ACERnt 23-4-9 Spring Field Nursery

ACERnt 23-4-9 is a complete feed designed specifically for spring application to deciduous trees and shrubs. Approximately 25% of the Nitrogen is immediately available as deciduous plants are coming into leaf. Phosphorous and Potassium are provided in a non-coated technical grade prill that allows for slow release through the season.

ACERnt 21-5-10 Fall Field Nursery

ACERnt 21-5-10 is designed specifically for fall application to evergreen field stock and other field crops. Fall applications immediately provide sufficient nitrogen release to swell roots and protect plants from winter damage, without initiating tender top growth. Phosphorous and potassium are provided in a non-coated technical grade prill that allows for slow release through the season.

ACERnt 19-4-12 Topdress

A full season product, ACERnt Topdress combines the technologies of coated nutrients from Nutricote, polymer coated urea and Potassium Nitrate with a package of micronutrients providing high quality results with optimum safety and performance.

ACERnt 17-7-10 One Season Incorporated

ACERnt One Season Incorporated is ideal for container grown nursery plants including deciduous shrubs and conifers. Nutricote technology provides the safest controlled release of nutrients possible, along with controlled release of micros for the best possible plant performance. This product is the backbone of most nursery potting operations, providing the versatility, safety and nutritional needs to nursery plants. Use where full season nutrition is desired.

ACERnt 13-12-12 Hanging Basket

Specifically for production of greenhouse hanging baskets. This product is a high quality, high Nitrate formulation, suitable for incorporation in media and lasting about 3-4 months under greenhouse growing temperatures. Many growers will use Acer Hanging Basket to provide a portion of the plant’s nutrition via controlled release fertilizer, while supplementing with Plant-Prod or Plant-Prod Solutions water soluble fertilizer.

ACERnt 13-10-15 Spring & Summer Perennial

ACERnt Perennial is designed for use on container grown perennials. Professional high quality results with optimum safety and performance are ensured through the use of Nutricote coating technology. Inclusion of some shorter release coated materials provides an early season nutrition boost.

ACER 21-7-14 Topdress

ACER Topdress is ideal as a cost effective professional controlled release fertilizer for use on containerized nursery stock and field grown plants.
Over 21% of the nitrogen, 4% of the phosphorus and 4% of the potash is coated for controlled release, ensuring consistent steady results throughout the growing season.


Plant-Prod 8-20-30 Forestry Finisher Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plant-Prod 8-20-30 water soluble fertilizer is recommended for hardening seedlings in the fall by supplying low nitrogen, moderate phosphorus and a high level of potash. The levels of phosphrous and potassium encourage root development and increase plant resistance to frost and drought. Over 65% of the nitrogen is available in the nitrate form which prevents soft growth under low light conditions.