Plant-Prod Solutions 15-3-15 Performance Water Soluble Fertilizer

The all-in-one high nitrate water soluble fertilizer that delivers all macronutrients and micronutrients in the perfect balance to optimize growing performance, and with minimal influence on the pH of growing media.

For a complete, advanced nutritional program that keeps plants darker and fuller, use Plant-Prod Solutions Performance. This carefully designed growth formulation contains high nitrates with no urea, an optimal level of phosphorus with less environmental impacts, and a highly available micronutrient package designed to supply complete nutrition, all in a patented easy to use duo bag.

ACERnt 16-7-10 One Season

ACERnt 16-7-10 One Season is an economical alternative to ACERnt 17-7-10 with a lower level of nitrogen. Ideal for container grown nursery plants as the backbone of a nursery feeding program. Nutricote technology provides the safest controlled release of nutrients possible, along with controlled release of micros for the best possible plant performance. Use where full season nutrition is desired.

Stim-Root 5000

Liquid Stim-Root’s effectiveness comes from higher concentrations of Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), more uniform application to cuttings, and better penetration into woody cuttings. Better rooting than with powders, occurs with many hard-to-root species.