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Plant-Prod 20-2-20 Acidic High Nitrate Water Soluble Fertilizer

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Plant-Prod 20-2-20 water soluble fertilizer helps keep the pH low and contributes very little phosphorus. This formulation in combination with Plant-Prod 14-0-14 is ideal for plugs and bedding plants. Plant-Prod 20-2-20, because of its high potential acidity is very useful in maintaining an ideal pH balance in plug media. Plant-Prod 20-2-20 can also be used for production of blue hydrangeas and easter lilies when excess phosphorus is not required.


Plant-Prod 20-2-20 fertilizer utilized in combination with Plant-Prod 14-0-14 fertilizer is ideal for plants produced in multiple cells and for annuals. It is particularly recommended for the fertilization of plants produced in compost with mycorrhizae as it contains very less phosphorus. The acidifying potential of Plant-Prod 20-2-20 fertilizer helps in maintaining an ideal pH in the multiple cells. It can also be utilized to produce blue hydrangeas. It helps in maintaining the pH low and supply very little phosphorus, reducing the number of aluminum sulphate applications to one only.


  • Very little phosphorous content.
  • 60% of the nitrogen is in form of nitrate and 40% in form of ammonia.
  • Contains a complete set of micro-nutrients among which a high molybdenum content.
Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)20%
Nitrate Nitrogen11.6%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen8.4%
Urea Nitrogen 0%
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)2%
Soluble Phosphorus0.87%
Soluble Potash (K2O)20%
Soluble Potassium16.6%
Calcium (Ca)0%
Magnesium (Mg)0.08%
Chelated Iron (actual) (Fe)0.100%
Chelated Manganese (actual) (Mn)0.050%
Chelated Zinc (actual) (Zn)0.050%
Chelated Copper (actual) (Cu)0.050%
Boron (actual) (B)0.020%
Molybdenum (actual) (Mo)0.015%
EDTA (chelating agent)1.24%
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