Plant-Prod has launched Plantex MJ Bloom water soluble fertilizer for large scale growers of medical marijuana. This formulation is designed specifically to maximize bud size, following the leaf growth phase.

“Many of the fertilizers targeted to growers in the past have been formulated with “secret” and “magic” ingredients but without a deep understanding of the accumulated science and experience of horticulturalists and agronomists,” states Plant-Prod’s General Manager. “Our 70 years of maximizing productivity of growers of high-value crops is proving invaluable to licensed growers of medical marijuana that require plant nutrition that is scientifically optimized, consistent and completely soluble.”

As with all high value crops the formulation should be adjusted to account for the characteristics of the irrigation water and growing medium. “Growers need to pick the best formulation for each growth stage of the crop. The first step is always to perform an analysis of the water and soil,” explains Plant-Prod’s Sales and Marketing Manager “Then the plant scientists in our dealer network will provide advice on how to optimize the formulations.”

For an outline of the formulations for each growth stage of marijuana plants see here.

For an explanation of how to adjust formulations and to get a plant nutrition chart go here.

Legal notice for marijuana growers: The information provided by Master Plant-Prod Inc. is designed for ethical, government sanctioned medical marijuana grow operations. Master Plant-Prod does not encourage nor condone operations that are unlawful. All operations should adhere to the laws in the jurisdictions in which they operate. Full legal statement here.


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