The Most Soluble Fertilizer on the Market

Every manufacturer claims good solubility, but that’s not always the case. Solubility means everything you buy goes into the plant – not to the bottom of your concentrate tank or plugging your emitters. When you buy a 25 pound bag of Plantex, your plants receive every ounce of that fertilizer.

Master Plant-Prod achieves this level of solubility by using the highest of quality raw materials on the market. Using these ingredients also means that you can use less fertilizer to grow better plants. The various chelating agents within our micronutrient packages ensure that nutrients are available at a wide pH range. The elevated level of the micronutrients being delivered produces darker, greener plants, even at lower feeding rates. Plantex can be applied in a variety of ways, including soil, foliar and hydroponics due to its low salt content when in concentration.

Not only is Plantex the logical choice based on quality, but it is the economical choice. Paying the appropriate cost for the highest quality product up front saves our customers money throughout. Plantex will not cake or clog your emitters, injectors or screens, nor will your plants be nutrient deficient due to remaining sediment on the bottom of your tank. Money is now in your pocket rather than spent on cleaning and replacing. Plantex provides quality nutrition that you can count on, and is reflected in your plants.

Plantex Water Soluble Fertilizers have been produced for close to 70 years. Our products and staff have sustained the company throughout these decades with the highest quality products and services. We offer many years of international technical experience through training for sales representatives, and on farm visits to assist growers. Few fertilizer brands are found consistently around the world, and Plant-Prod is one of them. We are distinct from other brands by our product quality, solubility and 25 pound packaging. In addition, we offer the production of customized products according to your specifications.

Plantex- a global presence with a local interest.

Fertilizer Supplier Near Me

region_international2Looking for a fertilizer supplier near you? Need information about cannabis fertilizer best practices? All that and more can be found here and on our news page.

Master Plant-Prod has over 40 distributors worldwide, which means one is close to you. Click on the links to get in touch with one today to find the right product for you.


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