ACERnt 21-5-10 Fall Field Nursery

  • Canada

ACERnt 21-5-10 is designed specifically for fall application to evergreen field stock and other field crops. Fall applications immediately provide sufficient nitrogen release to swell roots and protect plants from winter damage, without initiating tender top growth. Phosphorous and potassium are provided in a non-coated technical grade prill that allows for slow release through the season.


Coated nitrogen using Nutricote and other technologies allows for a spring start-up earlier than most fields would be mechanically workable, with a sustained and consistent release through late summer.

One application per year saves labour and avoids nutrient surges. Sustained and consistent release provides better plants with fewer kilograms of N per acre, resulting in both cost and labour savings.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)21%
Nitrate Nitrogen0.9%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen6.5%
Urea Nitrogen 13.6%
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)5%
Soluble Phosphorus2.2%
Soluble Potash (K2O)10%
Soluble Potassium8.3%
Calcium (Ca)0%
Magnesium (Mg)1.8%
Chelated Iron (actual) (Fe)1.680%
Product Number: 11470
Size: 20 kg