The best quality, every single time

Our Quality Control and Assurance Procedures have been in place and continuously enhanced since 1945. These processes have assured that we deliver the best quality products, every single time. When you can rely on the quality and consistency of your nutritional inputs, you can rely on the quality and consistency of your crop.

Quality starts from the ground up

While CFIA has recently outlined required details of QA and QC protocols for registered products, our practices have gone above and beyond for decades.

As the backbone of our fertilizers, our raw materials are sourced from the top producers in the world. Every source of raw material is tested and must meet our QC standards to be approved for use in our manufacturing. We receive and validate Certificates of Analysis for each batch that we receive.

Every step in our production process is recorded and kept on hand for 3 years, including:

  • Manufacturing conditions
  • Production yields
  • Retained samples from each batch
  • Conditions of the product when produced

Random sampling and testing of our final products is done on a regular basis through a third-party laboratory to ensure unbiased representation of our production.

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