What’s The Best Fertilizer For Orchids? 

Orchids are unique plants that have specific nutritional needs. So, it’s essential to find the appropriate fertilizer to promote optimal plant growth. Below, we discuss the unique fertilizer needs of orchids and some of the best orchid fertilizer options.

Orchids Are Unique and Require Specific Fertilizer

Tropical orchids, being epiphytic, thrive by growing on the surfaces of other plants in their native environments. In the greenhouse, they are particularly sensitive to light, temperature, and fertilization. Orchid production requires a high attention to environmental conditions, with 3 distinct phases – Vegetative, Cooling/Spike Induction and Finishing. Fertilization throughout these phases should adjust with the plant’s growth, making nutrient runoff monitoring very important.

4 Orchid Fertilizer Tips

Since orchids are vulnerable to salt build-up, using a pure fertilizer, low in Cl is very important.

As we’ve stated before in our Orchid Production Program, to prevent salt buildup, water your plants until approximately 20% of the applied water drains from the bottom of the pots. The suggested electrical conductivity (EC) level for the water used on plants is 0.5 mmhos, while the EC level of the drained water (leachate) should ideally fall within the range of 1-1.5 mmhos. If the leachate exceeds 2 mmhos, it’s advisable to flush the plants with clear water.

For fertilization, apply fertilizer with every watering at a rate of 200 ppm N, ensuring sufficient levels of calcium and magnesium. It is recommended to continue fertilization as new spikes emerge.

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What Is The Best Fertilizer For Orchids?

We recommend the following fertilizers for orchids:

Plant-Prod 12-2-14 Optimum Water Soluble Fertilizer

This fertilizer contains 6% calcium and 3% magnesium, as well as a complete micronutrient package.

Plant-Prod® 24-8-16 Foliage Water Soluble Fertilizer

This fertilizer contains forms of nitrogen most readily absorbed and used by plants for vegetative growth. It also contains a full micronutrient package.Alternating between Plant-Prod® 12-2-14 Optimum and Plant-Prod 24-8-16 Foliage will ensure high flower count and maximum flower size.

Plant-Prod is a manufacturer of water-soluble fertilizers and water-soluble cannabis fertilizers. The choice of growers from California to Maine for over 70 years, we formulate with everything from chelated iron to calcium nitrate and zinc fertilizer in order to help you improve yields while cutting fertilizer costs.

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