Plant-Prod has a new logo that communicates the company’s focus on high productivity plant nutrition.

The company has been a leader in manufacturing high quality soluble fertilizers since 1945 and also a distributor of horticultural supplies. In June 2013 the distribution function was spun off into a separate company so Plant-Prod could focus exclusively on manufacturing high performance fertilizers.

In the United States Plant-Prod’s fertilizers have been sold under the Plantex brand name.

The new colorful logo, along with the descriptor “high productivity plant nutrition” makes Plant-Prod’s focus clear.

“Our fertilizers help growers of high value crops achieve high productivity,” explains Doreen Andrea, Plant-Prod’s general manager. “Our users grow beautiful flowers and vegetables that are lush and full of color and so we are launching this new logo that is similarly colorful.”

“We specialize in plant nutrition for growers who need to produce robust, healthy plants quickly and maximize their productivity. I have been with the company and involved with purchasing for 28 years and know firsthand how much care we take in formulating our products and achieving consistently high quality,” states Doreen Andrea. “That is why leading growers remain loyal.”

Plant-Prod supplies soluble fertilizer formulations that are optimized for different crops and conditions, sourcing minerals from the best mines in the world, including backwards integration with company owned potassium nitrate mines.

Visit our booth at Cultivate 2015 in Columbus Ohio.

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