Plant-Prod MJ™ is unique in the market. It is specially formulated for large-scale
licensed producers of cannabis. Its guaranteed nutrients are extremely pure,
completely soluble and clearly listed on each of the labels. There are no secret
additives or “teas” that are common in liquid fertilizers.

The Plant-Prod MJ™ Production Program has been developed based on over 70 years
of disciplined horticultural practice. Formulations have been refined to meet the
specific requirements of licensed producers to facilitate production of large buds with
desirable cannabinoid and taste profiles, in a 14 week cycle.

7 reasons Plant-Prod MJ™ is the fertilizer choice for large-scale licensed producers:

Compliance: Know the composition precisely

  • With Plant-Prod MJ™ the exact levels of macronutrients, micronutrients and
    chelating agents are declared on each label. Each of the components complies
    with all pertinent regulations.

Avoid contaminants & heavy metals

  • Plant-Prod MJ™ is completely soluble and will not clog fertigation lines and
    nozzles. Levels of heavy metals are known and below detectable limits.

Control the growth to maximize productivity

  • The Plant-Prod MJ™ program is based on scientific knowledge and
    horticultural best practices for optimal bud size in a 14 week production cycle.

Consistent formulations that minimize risk & labour costs

  • Plant-Prod fertilizers are homogenous blends and consistent batch to batch.
    They are easy for operators to use, reducing the chance of error, which can be catastrophic. Plant-Prod MJ™ is available in tubs, bags and totes.

Produce bud with favorable characteristics

  • Use Plant-Prod MJ™ and the appropriate growing medium with your chosen
    strain to control cannabinoid profiles and produce buds with favorable taste
    and burn characteristics.

Supported by expert agronomists

  • Plant-Prod MJ™ is supported by a well-established distribution network with
    teams of qualified agronomists with many years experience in the horticultural

Switch to water solubles

  • There are many brands of liquid fertilizers sold to small-scale growers. Most
    have low levels of nutrients and cost upwards of 50 times the equivalent for
    Plant-Prod MJ™ . They are not suitable for large operations selling in
    increasingly competitive markets.

For more details see Plant-Prod MJ™ Production Program

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