MPPI Supports Horticulture Education

This past month, Plant-Prod was honoured to be able to support one of our employee’s local schools by making a donation to increase awareness to the horticulture industry. The below comes from the Leipsic Local School District Facebook page: “During the February Board of Education meeting, Mr. Greg Williamson, LLSD Superintendent accepted a donation from […]

Regulatory Modernization

In October 2020, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) brought into force their updated Fertilizer Act and Regulations. These changes have been almost 10 years in the making and introduce several updates to various topics, including: Registration exemptions Labeling requirements This renewal also provides a three-year transitional period that allows companies to comply with either […]

The problem with hyperaccumulators

  Plants with the capability of accumulating heavy metals above concentrations that would typically cause harm or toxicity in plants are known as hyperaccumulators. Cannabis is a well-known hyperaccumulator with the ability to remove heavy metals contaminants from soils. This characteristic is desirable for soil remediation but troublesome when cannabis is grown for consumption. If […]

Adjusting Irrigation Water – Comparing Acid Choices

In our previous post discussing the difference between bicarbonates and pH, we noted the need for neutralizing high bicarbonate levels in irrigation water. If high levels are not addressed, they can react with calcium and magnesium to form bicarbonate salts, further increasing media pH and removing vital nutrients from solution. Ideally, we want to see […]

Effective Irrigation Cleaning

When we talk about irrigation cleaning, we’re talking about more than simply running a disinfectant through your system. When using high performance plant nutrition, it’s important that we’re actually removing sources of disease, microorganism buildup and physical barriers to ensure these nutrients are able to perform at their best. When you allow clogs to build […]

Feeding Incompatible Products

In our post Plant-Prod MJ and the A-B System we discussed product incompatibilities and the need for a 2 tank system. In this post, we will describe how you have flexibility in the way you feed these two tanks with Plant-Prod MJ. In our cannabis production guide, you will notice that there are 2 formulations […]

Adjusting Irrigation Water – Bicarbonates vs. pH

When it comes to irrigation water and water quality, you’ve probably heard the terms pH, alkalinity and bicarbonates thrown around. In this article, we’ll break down these terms and explain which should be the focus when treating your irrigation water. pH (potential Hydrogen) – a logarithmic scale measuring the acidity [hydrogen cation (H+) concentration] and […]

Cannabis and Calcium

Cal Kick vs. Spike (CaMg) – When to Use Which Source of Calcium If you’re familiar with our Plant-Prod MJ program, then there’s a chance you’re not quite sure just how Spike fits into the lineup. In today’s article we’ll put the record straight. First, let’s talk about the need for calcium within the program. […]

Our Devotion to Quality

You may have seen our previous posts on our extensive quality control and assurance procedures and our focus on heavy metals. Now we offer our certification of this dedication in a signed letter. Available for download for your records. We are committed to offering the highest quality water soluble fertilizer. Have a question? Feel free […]

Fertilize for Compliance with Plant-Prod MJ™

Plant-Prod MJ™ is unique in the market. It is specially formulated for large-scale licensed producers of cannabis. Its guaranteed nutrients are extremely pure, completely soluble and clearly listed on each of the labels. There are no secret additives or “teas” that are common in liquid fertilizers. The Plant-Prod MJ™ Production Program has been developed based […]