Increase productivity with the highest-quality soluble fertilizer

Growers of high value crops such as potted plants, cut flowers and vegetables are being squeezed for lower prices while costs are going up. Increased productivity is essential.

Plant-Prod & Plantex fertilizers, manufactured since 1945, are the most soluble and purest fertilizers on the market. They maximize productivity of high value crops.

The benefits are many:

  • Faster growth and more robust plants
  • More control of plant characteristics in each growth phase
  • Healthier plants with less risk of disease
  • Saves money by using less fertilizer at lower concentrations
  • Less nutrient runoff and lower environmental impact
  • Lower labour costs with formulations that are tailored for each grower

It is necessary to use the correct formulation, adjusting for water and soil conditions. We can assist you in optimizing formulations. Contact us for more information by filling out the form.

For large operations requiring truckloads of fertilizer, use the new Duo-Tote. One tote per tank is faster and easier. See the details here.


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