Customized formulations of soluble fertilizer delivered in bulk

Faster, easier and more efficient 

The new Duo-ToteTM from Plant-Prod® enables the delivery and handling of large quantities of custom-formulated fertilizer. The Duo-ToteTM has two compartments which keep incompatible ingredients apart, avoiding caking so the contents dissolve quickly and without precipitating.

Previously the choice of Plant-Prod® formulations was limited because of component incompatibility. The innovative Duo-ToteTM enables greater flexibility.

One tote per tank – faster & easier

  • Formulated specifically for your size of tank and plant nutrition needs.
  • You need just one Duo-ToteTM per tank, which is simple to use and minimizes the possibility of operator error.
  • The Duo-ToteTM can be lifted over the tank using a hoist or forklift. The drawstring on the bottom releases the fertilizer into the tank.
  • No need to take delivery of numerous bags, each requiring time to open, lift and empty.
  • Speed up operations. Our customers report time savings of 75%.

Ordering details

  • Suitable for growers with large operations ordering at least one truckload of 44,000 lb/20,000 kg annually. Minimum size for each Duo-ToteTM is 550 lb/250 kg and the maximum 2,200 lb/1,000 kg.
  • Ships on a standard pallet.
  • When ordering, please provide the formulation you require as parts per million (ppm) of nutrients or the label with rates, plus the tank size and injector ratio.
  • Ensure there is at least 15 ft/5 m clearance above the tank.
  • The Duo-ToteTM is available for shipment in continental North America.

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