24-8-16 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 24-8-16 Foliage Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex® 24-8-16 Foliage water soluble fertilizer was formulated according to the University of Florida’s recommendations for foliage crops suggesting a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer. Urea is used as the principle source of nitrogen since research has indicated that the majority of foliage crops can readily utilize it.

21-7-7 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 21-7-7 Acid Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 21-7-7 water soluble fertilizer has a very high potential acidity. If used in a continuous feeding program, the pH should be monitored to ensure that it does not go below the desired level. It is recommended for crops such as azaleas, rhododendrons and many evergreens requring acid soil conditions. When irrigation water has a high pH, Plantex 21-7-7 will help to overcome the effect of the bicarbonate ions in the media and gradually reduce the pH for better growth of bedding plants, pot crops, cut flowers, and nursery stock in containers and in the field.

20-8-20 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-8-20 Forestry High Nitrate Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-8-20 Forestry High Nitrate water soluble fertilizer Rapid vegetative growth of forest seedlings occurs between the 4th and 16th weeks of growth. Plantex 20-8-20 should be used on a constant feed basis to encourage good top growth. This formulation contains four times more iron than most Plantex fertilizers, lower phosphorus and added magnesium. It should be used for the majority of the growing season, once seedlings have a well established root system.

20-5-30 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-5-30 Super K Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-5-30 water soluble fertilizer is recommended for summer feeding of roses, geraniums and other ornamentals. Greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers grown in soil respond well to this formula when used alone or in combination with potassium nitrate. This high potassium fertilizer is ideal for use when plants are maturing and blooming. It allows the plants to establish heavier, thick-walled cells which results in efficient water utilization. Since the potential acidity is very low, Plantex 20-5-30 will exhibit minimal acidifying activity in the soil. It is particularly useful where a change in soil pH is undesirable.

20-2-20 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-2-20 Acidic High N Low P Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-2-20 water soluble fertilizer helps keep the pH low and contributes very little phosphorus. This formulation in combination with Plantex 14-0-14 is ideal for plugs and bedding plants. Plantex 20-2-20, because of its high potential acidity is very useful in maintaining an ideal pH balance in plug media. Plantex 20-2-20 can also be used for production of blue hydrangeas and easter lilies when excess phosphorus is not required.

20-20-20 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-20-20 Classic Water Soluble Fertilizer

Plantex 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer is very effective on all types of plants. Its balanced formula may be used whenever a more general formulation is required. Its high percentage of ammoniacal and urea nitrogen will provide rapid green up and leaf expansion while the balanced phosphorous and potassium will encourage root and shoot growth.