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Plant-Prod is the world leader in water soluble fertilizer & the partner for growers where high productivity is vital.

Cut your costs & increase yields with the most water soluble fertilizer on the market. Providing consistent nutrient delivery since 1945.

You can buy cheaper fertilizers than Plant-Prod, but in the long run it will cost you more. If high productivity is vital for your business, Plant-Prod Solutions Water soluble fertilizers should be your first choice. Learn how you can increase productivity and save money here.

5X more buds, with 80% LEss Fertilizer

Download our Cannabis Growing Guide

Learn everything you need to know about growing cannabis. From spotting cannabis deficiencies to learning how to read your fertilizer rates. Our cannabis growing guide walks you through every step to growing BIGGER, BETTER BUDS.

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Fertilize Right for Higher Productivity

We have spent the last 70 years learning how to fertilize more efficiently to deliver healthier, better looking and bigger plants more quickly. Our technical sheets help you fertilize right…