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For best results, customize to water conditions. Please contact your local Plant-Prod sales representative for a water analysis.

A good nutritional program begins with a good growing media. Start with a well-aerated and porous soil with a pH between 6-6.2 and an EC between 1-1.5 ms/cm. Routine monitoring of the pH and EC is highly recommended. Adjustments to fertilizer rates will be based on plant age, growth, weather, pH/EC monitoring, and other factors.


Fertilization of medical marijuana, as with all crops, is dependent upon the quality of the irrigation water being used. A water test should be done to determine the bicarbonate level and general water nutrient levels. Based on your water analysis, MPPI can determine which fertilizer program will work best for you.

Seedling Germination and Starting (1-4 weeks)
Apply Plantex® 10-52-10 High P at 13 oz per 100 gallon (100 ppm N) once or twice to ensure adequate phosphorous levels. This will provide a good initial boost to the roots.


Vegetative Growth (4-8 weeks)
Lighting during this phase is generally 24 hours. Fertilize with Plantex® 15-15-30 High K at 150-200 ppm N on a consistent feeding schedule. If EC levels drop below 1, increase the feed to 300 ppm N. Monitor EC and pH during the full crop cycle.

Alternatively, Plantex® Solutions 17-5-17 Complete can be used as an all-in-one nutrient source for growth. This formulation is appropriate if the amount of calcium and magnesium in the irrigation water is unknown. For optimal use of this product, it is recommended that you consult with a Plantex sales representative following water and soil testing.


Bud Set and Bud Sizing (6-22 weeks)
Lighting should be switched to 12 hours on, and 12 hours dark. In order to help the plants set buds, or when the buds are pea sized, begin feeding with Plantex® 10-30-20 MJ BloomTM at 150-200 ppm N. This will encourage full bud set and enhance bud filling. In some conditions, results are optimized by alternating with Plantex® 15-30-15 Starter at 150-200 ppm N.


Plantex® 15-15-30 High K will help with plant finishing when applied at 17.8 oz per 100 gallons (200 ppm N). The higher potassium will benefit the plants in their reproductive stage through to finishing. Switch to clear water 7-10 days before harvest.


See here for more information on marijuana plant nutrition.

Legal notice for marijuana growers: The information provided by Master Plant-Prod Inc. is designed for ethical, government sanctioned medical marijuana grow operations. Master Plant-Prod does not encourage nor condone operations that are unlawful. All operations should adhere to the laws in the jurisdictions in which they operate. Full legal statement here.

Other Crop Production Programs