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region_international2Looking for a fertilizer supplier near you? Need information about cannabis fertilizer best practices? All that and more can be found here and on our news page. Master Plant-Prod has over 40 distributors worldwide, which means one is close to you. Click on the links to get in touch with one today to find the right product for you.

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Fertilize right for higher productivity
We have spent the last 70 years learning how to fertilize more efficiently to deliver healthier, better looking and bigger plants more quickly. Our technical sheets help you fertilize right…

What Our Customers Are Saying

A Plant-Prod Water Soluble Fertilizer Growing Story: Leading Taiwanese orchid grower grows over 10,000 orchids a year.
The Plant-Prod team visiting orchid breeder and grower Mr. Jiang Fulai. Mr. Jiang Fulai grows orchids in Pingtung County at the southernmost point of Taiwan. He specializes in cultivating Renathera orchids, and sells the cut flowers to a market hungry for the crimson-red, kidney-shaped flowers that have been revered in Chinese culture for centuries. Mr. Jiang has used Plant-Prod water soluble fertilizers exclusively for the last thirty years. Orchid growing conditions in Taiwan Taiwan is …
Productive plant nutrition with water soluble fertilizer at Green Circle
Best Young Grower, Renato Zardo's approach to plant nutrition & water soluble fertilizers. GrowerTalk selected Renato Zardo as the best young grower of 2015, calling him “focused and fearless.” Renato is Plant Health Manager for Green Circle, the large and successful Ohio-based grower with between 200 and 300 species under cultivation. Renato takes care of the fertilizer recipes and is responsible for the overall health of each crop, which he achieves through IPM (integrated pest …